Monday, January 31, 2011

Mailbag: Brother Dan's Eyewitness Report

Dan was at the Marquette game this weekend, and shot me this email:

I was going to try to tweet this but i didnt think i could get the appropriate wording in just 140 characters (meaning I am a blowhard).
I went to the Cuse Marquette game this weekend and had the following takeaways from the game:
1) Lot's of respect for Marquette as a team. Paul, you blogged that they were playing great and it was really crazy to think that they had lost 8 games. The combination of Syracuse having enough sloppy offensive possessions, not rebounding and playing defense a step too slow was deadly. With all that being said, if Marquette doesn't hit almost all their free throws (especially in the 1st half) then Cuse is in the driving seat after the 2nd half run.
2) The fans and stadium were phenomenal. They play in the Bucks arena and that place was going crrrrrazy when they were hot, just really an incredible atmosphere. We were literally in the last row of the corner of the arena and the seats were still fine (got them through the S.U. alumni network so we had a very small pocked of kindred spirits. Also, the players had video singing karaoke to Miley Cyrus among others and they came across as very likable. I think my favorite big east teams go 1) Syracuse 2) Villanova (my friend Jamey's influence) 3) Marquette (I love their jerseys and have always enjoyed them play)
3) Despite the greatness of the crowd as a whole we were very disappointed at the lack of creativity of the students. When we walked in (me, Elena and Mike Pro- all wearing Orange) a kid stopped us and said "Hey.....hey you guys.....hey you.....F*** YOU!!!!" and gave us the finger. After stopping us for about 10 seconds we expected something clever. We were also called "a bunch of bitches" and told to f*** off multiple times. I'm all for positive banter but they just lacked creativity.
4) I love to see people wearing Aaron Rodgers jerseys- Wisconsin is great.
If you ever get the chance i highly recommend the trip- it was an hour and 45 minutes to drive there [Paul's note: from Chicago]. We had considered spending the night and going to the Bucks/Nets game that night but that seemed crazy considering it was the Bucks and the Nets. Perhaps for a Brewers game in the summer. GREINKE!
big game on Wednesday,

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My stock response to every F*** YOU, or Syracuse is a bunch of BITCHES, was: "I thought Marquette was a Jesuit school..."

good times (not really)


1/31/2011 12:27 AM  

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